‘A good poem is like a tooth from a tigers mouth… hard to come by.’

  1. We ONLY accept submissions using the submission form below.
  2. Your submission should consist of no more than 4 pieces of poetry.
  3. You must include a short biographical note – 40-50 words max – about yourself in the THIRD PERSON. You may include links to publications or your blog or your website.
  4. Please note the maximum length of poetry we accept is up to forty lines and of standard line length.
  5. Please DO NOT submit work that includes work that is not your own.
  6. As the author you retain full copyright in your work. By submitting a piece of poetry to us, you are granting Apex Poetry a non-exclusive right (or ‘bare licence’) to reproduce your work.
  7. Please note, we do not accept work that has been published elsewhere and if identified as previously published will be removed from our site.
  8. No simultaneous submission please.
  9. We reserve the right to reject any submission we feel is deliberately offensive.
  10. We do not pay for submissions.
  11. Allow two weeks for us to respond with an acceptance email for publication, please do not send edits to poems after submitting. If we do not respond after two weeks please consider the submission unsuccessful.

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